Registration and Fee Portal

  1. This registration and fee portal is only intended for fellows, members, associate fellows, and other holders of a post-primary certificate of postgraduate education and training from a nationally or internationally accredited medical or surgical college or faculty of ophthalmology.
  2. Before you make any payment, kindly ensure that:
    • you have completed the online member signup form (the link was sent out to all OSN members in December 2021)
    • your name is publicly listed in the OSN directory here Find an Ophthalmologist
    • if you have not received the link to the member signup form, kindly contact the OSN secretariat.
  3. Paying your annual dues
    • ensures that you are recognized as a financial member of OSN
    • entitles you to all the rights and privileges of a bonafide member
    • grants free admission into all sessions of the Annual General Meeting (AGM)/Scientific Conference
    • enables access to premium content, exclusive offers and exceptional deals.
  4. Select your membership level from the alternatives below.
    • Ensure you select the correct membership level, as this will be used to identify you at our AGMs and Scientific Conferences.
  5. Upon successful payment, you will be redirected to a profile creation page where you set your OSN account password and receive an OSN ID.