Payment Portal


  1. Intended for fellows, members, associate fellows, and other holders of a post-primary certificate of postgraduate education and training from a nationally or internationally accredited medical or surgical college or faculty of ophthalmology.
  2. Paying annual dues
    • ensures recognition as a financial member of OSN
    • grants admittance to all sessions of the next OSN Annual General Meeting/ Scientific Conference
    • enables access to premium content.
  3. Before making any payment, kindly ensure that:
    • you have completed the online member registration form and that your name is publicly listed in the OSN directory
  4. Select “CONSULTANT MEMBERSHIP” or “ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP” from the payment options below.
    • Ensure to select the correct membership level, as this will be used for identification purposes.
  5. Ensure to login as a returning user in the checkout page.
  6. After successful payment, you will have access to the profile creation page to set your OSN account password and receive an OSN Membership ID.


  1. Intended for non-ophthalmologists and members of the general public.
  2. Paying the admittance fee for visitors grants admission to the next OSN Annual General Meeting/ Scientific Conference, individually or in the company of an OSN member.
  3. Select “VISITOR” from the payment options below.