Specific Objectives

The OSN FOUNDATION will work to:
1. Support activities for preservation and restoration of vision for people throughout Nigeria as laid out in the OSN Strategic Plan, Vision For The Future-Nigeria.
2. Advance the science of ophthalmology and vision.
3. Support ophthalmological education and and training.
4. Improve the quality and relevance of Ophthalmological training in Nigeria.
5. Advocate quality eye care.
6. Promote advocacy for preservation of vision.
7. Promote research in Ophthalmology and vision.
8. Cooperate with other local and international bodies with similar objectives to achieve these goals.

In particular, research is essential for the development of new and improved therapy as well as the identification of cost effective interventions for the control of the major causes of blindness and low vision. OSN Foundation will support Research in Ophthalmology and Vision, which encompasses basic science investigation, clinical and operational research focused on meeting the needs of eye care in Nigeria.