Cataract and Refractive Error lead among global causes of blindness

An estimated 36 million people were determined to be blind in year 2015, and preventable vision loss due to cataract and refractive error were the two leading causes, accounting for 12.6 million and 7.4 million cases of blindness worldwide, respectively. Glaucoma came in third place, affecting 2.9 million people. In addition, it is estimated that by year 2020 the global prevalence of blindness will reach 38.5 million, with 13.4 million (35%) due to cataracts.

These figures are the result of a systematic review and meta analyses of more than 250 studies across 98 countries.

Given that surgical intervention is able to turn around the vision loss associated with cataracts, and that prescription spectacles can reverse vision loss due to refractive errors, concerted effort is required to ensure that these preventive measures are made available and easily accessible to all in need.

Read more here: The Lancet

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